Darcy Richardson Talks Reform Party and Minor Party Politics

On August 18th, a Youtube video of a recent interview with Reform Party of Florida member Darcy Richardson was posted. Darcy Richardson was one of several presidential contenders for the Reform Party nomination this year, but stayed on after Roque De La Fuente won the Reform Party nod. During his interview, which viewed on more then 150 AM and FM stations, Darcy talked third party politics. Showing good sportsmanship, and supporting his party, Darcy Richardson talked at length about Roque De La Fuente and the Reform Party.

Darcy Richardson has a long history with the Reform Party. He supported Ross Perot’s bid for the Presidency and worked on the 2004 campaign of Ralph Nader, when Nader ran for President on the Reform Party line.

Mr. Richardson has another interview scheduled for September, where he plans to once again talk at length about the Reform Party and Roque De La Fuente.

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