September 2016 archive

Sep 20 2016

Interview with Roque De La Fuente

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? Why are you running for President? I’m basically living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. My parents were from Mexico, but by a stroke of luck, I was born in the United States, in the beautiful …

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Sep 19 2016

Reform Party of Florida Statement on Social Security and Medicare

Florida has a large number of elder voters. One of the founding principles of the Reform Party is to keep Social Security solvent. Instead of keeping the Social Security solvent, the Republicans and Democrats have been raiding the trust, and taking people’s hard earned wages. The Democrats offer no solution, and the Republicans want to …

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Sep 12 2016

Reform Party National Secretary Talks Florida Issues

How about you tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do for the Reform Party? My name is Nicholas Hensley, and I am the Secretary of the Reform Party National Committee. I am from North Carolina. I am the only Southeasterner with a national party office. As the ranking Southeastern officer, I …

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Sep 06 2016

Three States Attempt to Keep Reform Party Presidential Candidate Off of Ballot

Reform Party Members and Supporters, I am glad to announce that the Reform Party’s Presidential candidate, Roque De La Fuente, has gained ballot access in about thirty states. This is a big step up for us, as we have not been on this number of state ballots since 2004. As we regain strength however, the …

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Sep 04 2016

Florida Board of Election Reviewing Reform Party Filing

Recently the Reform Party of Florida submitted paperwork to put Reform Party Presidential Candidate Roque De La Fuente on the ballot. The state board of elections is reviewing this paperwork, and we hope the state board will accept the our list of selected electors. We would like to thank every one that volunteered to serve …

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