June 2018 archive


Deland, Florida – Reform Party of Florida Candidate Darcy G Richardson qualifies as the only third-party candidate for Florida governor last week and receives an early endorsement from prominent former Libertarian. “I was both surprised and excited to see Darcy Richardson take the third line in the governor’s race this year,” said Paul Stanton, former …

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Reform Party Rising

The Reform Party has a fully qualified candidate for Governor and Darcy G Richardson is the only third party candidate on the ballot for Governor. Unlike other minor parties in Florida, we fully support our candidate. No one in the Reform Party saw fit to back bite our candidate and then run away from the …

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Reform Party Candidate for Governor in 2018

Darcy Richardson, author, historian, and presidential candidate for the Democratic and Reform Parties, is now officially on the ballot for governor of Florida in 2018 as the Reform Party candidate. Richardson’s candidacy would also be the first time a Reform candidate has ran in the gubernatorial election since 2006, where Max Linn ran and won …

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