We are currently seeking individuals willing to run for office in 2014 either on Reform Party ballot lines or as independents supported by the Reform Party.

Please visit The Reform Party National Committee site for a list of our Reform Party nominated candidates (marked REFORM) and independent or write-in candidates that state Reform Parties are supporting where we do not have ballot access.

Be A Candidate

Run For Office – Be a registered member of the Reform Party for Six Months in good standing – Pay a courtesy call to the RPFL State Executive Committee Secretary or Chairman. – The RPFL SEC has the authority and legal responsibility to slate all nominated candidates by a date certain. You must be slated …

Past Candidates of 2014

Previous Reform Party Candidates that ran in the 2012 Florida General Election Here is a listing on the Reform Party and affiliated candidates that are running this year in 2012 for their various State and federal offices 2012 Presidential and Vice President Selection for The Reform Party Reform Party Selection for President Name: Andre Nigel …