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Fellow Citizens,

The two-party system in Washington has deteriorated to the point the United States nearly defaulted on its debt for the first time in history. The deficit is at a record high with no plan to stop its growth. This dysfunctionality led to the first downgrading of American debt ever. And there are no signs of it getting better. A vote for ANY Republican or Democrat will not change the basic dynamics of a two-party legislative branch.

Fundamental change is needed…… desperately.

The fastest growing political affiliation in America is currently “Independent”. Being “Independent” however, doesn’t say enough about our disgust with Washington. It doesn’t offer a plan for change.

A viable third party is required to disrupt the political gamesmanship that is damaging our economy and our freedom.

The Reform Party is committed to campaigning for fundamental change and the establishment of a three-party system. As a member of the Reform Party, you can tell Washington what you really think in a constructive way that will help build a future for ourselves and our children. As a member of the established political party in Florida, you can consider candidacy for any elective office here.

The Reform Party has a rich heritage beginning with Ross Perot who campaigned for responsible spending and common-sense governance. Please join us and register REFORM (REF).

Join us – so that YOUR voice may be heard.



There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference. The simplest and easiest is by contacting us and we will keep you informed of upcoming events.

You can also lend your voice to our efforts by writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper and by talking to your friends about the Reform Party and what we stand for.

You can take a step forward and volunteer to serve as an organizer, serve on a committee, run for a party leadership position, or even run for office!

To help effect change JOIN our organization.

You can also CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE to the Reform Party National Committee so we can grow and get our message out more effectively!


Doing this work requires funds for mailings, materials, and meeting venues. None of our Leadership or anyone else in the Reform Party is paid for their service. It is a volunteer organization. We Accept only legal amounts of personal (non-corporate) donations to the State Executive Committee. You may donate Online (click Donate button below) or …

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Join and Support the Reform Party of Florida, Established on November 19, 1995. Please register REFORM PARTY (REF) with your County Supervisor of Elections. Everyone in Florida who has registered to vote as Reform Party is recognized as a member of the Reform Party of Florida. Be very careful to Check the Box on the …